There is an epidemic going on with women and their health.. yet no one wants to talk about it!

It’s the primary reason women are admitted into nursing homes the ONLY reason..and the numbers are climbing.!  How shocking!!

I am 53 and I wouldn’t want that to happen to me OR my sisters and girlfriends!  I NOW want to focus on my inner fitness!!!

This revolutionary system (www.LessLeaking.com )with regard to women’s health is a no brainer.. After 35 plus years in fitness.. this is the BOMB!

How?  This system helps women access and train that part of their anatomy the unspeakable… uncontrollable leak of urine without a moments notice! the Pelvic Floor, that controls the symptoms of ‘involuntary’ urine leakage.

Although other huge benefits include a flatter tummy,perky bum and better sex.  Less back, knee and joint pain.

What could be better than that? What more do you want.. a one stop shop.


Less LeakingTM is a patented and proven system developed and trademarked by Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, OBGYN and Kathleen Pagnini, Core Specialist.


Never having to say, “  I almost made it home, then I sneezed… “  a recent comment on Facebook.images-7

It means more laughing, more loving and more living!

It’s not having to worry when your on a date, and he happens to be quite charming with a sense of humor, but you fear laughing at his jokes.. so you sport a held back chuckle.

Because if you did laugh  .. .. wooosh.. the uncontrollable release if urine comes out and with it goes your self confidence.   You start staking out the bathrooms ahead on your shopping outings.

Maybe its to the point to where you don’t go out much unless its for a brief moment, you never know when your going to get that urge.   “Oops”.. is a common expression out of your mouth, followed by a flushed face in embarrasement as you quietly excuse yourself from the party.

Your belly is poochy, your bum is saggy.. there is a heaviness ‘down’ there, that you can’t quite explain and it seems to draw your attention downward and so does your mood, as it leaves you feeling depressed and less ‘riveting’ than you would like.

THAT is what Less Leaking is about.



1 out of 3 or 15-17 million women a year suffer from some sort of ‘leakage’, and its getting worse throughout all age groups even women in their 20‘s, whether she has had a baby or not!


NOT ONLY THAT!.. BUT ‘incontinence’ is the number one reason women are admitted into the nursing homes when that is the only thing wrong with them!  How horrible, how bleak ! Prisoners! Right when we need to be ‘moving’ into our lives at this age..we are moving ‘out’ of our lives.


When Dr.. Theresa Nesbitt gave me these numbers I felt a heaviness in my own body and thought, if there was a way we can help these women with out pads, pills or surgery.. I wanted to hear more!  Unknown


Dr. Theresa’s research has brought me a new awareness of my body.


This program has proved to many of my clients to this day, leaving them no ‘worries’ of wetness and a flatter low tummy as they continue to explore a new body, living from the inside out!


Having never experienced ‘leaking’ before, this inner part of the core was new to me, and NO WAY did I want this to happen to me!


I didn’t want to be one of the statistics in the nursing home for such  a simple problem that could be fixed.


So I am committed to your ‘inner fitness’  The Pelvic Floor. When I learned an unresponsive and untoned pelvic floor could very well be the culprit for poochy belly, saggy bum and leaking, back and joint pain, balance, coordination and motivation and so much more!  As it allows all the systems in your body to work more efficiently..

Whoa.. I fell off MY BOOTY when I heard this! Ok.  Now I get it!
Millions of women out there that are afraid to laugh. OMG, this can’t be. Unknown

Please ladies, don’t stop laughing your smiles are so radiant!

Oh and ‘leaking’ gets in the way of SEX.   Oh, the men don’t notice.    But WE do.   And never, never will we do THAT again.

As I journeyed further to the deepest layer of my core with Dr. Theresa, she helped me connect the dots which includes the inner core and pelvic floor.

I knew about the kegels, and would utilize my sphincters often, in many ways shapes and forms.. but, never in my wildest dreams I knew there was a whole two more layers to this pelvic floor that no one was talking about.  Until now.

Now this ‘pelvic floor’ sounded interesting to me.  As a veteran fitness coach, there was an intrigued that something so amazing had so much power – and I mean in every sense of the word.

This brings us back to Less Leaking.   I now know that our true core zips everything up like a corset, and your pelvic floor are the muscles at the ‘bottom’ of your corset, holding all the guts and organs up and in.

buikvet-verbranden-200x110There is not ONE, but THREE, layers to the pelvic floor, and the kegel layer being the more like a tie on a shoe, reinforcing the security of the other layers.

The middle layer is very different in men and women and the innermost layer, this is what I’M TALKING ABOUT, is the strongest of the three and key player when it comes to LESS LEAKING, Flatter Tummy, Perky Bum and Better Sex!

Today Dr. Nesbitt and I are dedicated to help you with this because you are NOT BROKEN, you are absolutely FINE.

We will help you restore the youthfulness that time forgot and is only a click away!  Get Started NOW, on your Inner Fitness Program!




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