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“I adore my clients and appreciate such kind comments. Thank you!” – Kathleen

Mary, La Jolla, CA

“I have received more helpful information from Kathleen Pagnini’s class on the pelvic floor than I did from all the medical providers (Internists, OBGYNs, Urogynecologists) in the last 4 years!”

Marcie Hintz, MBA, CJFA, HTPA
I met Kathleen at Scripps Hospital, she was a Fitness Instructor for our Employee Wellness Program. I learned later, that Kathleen has been mentoring with an OBGYN for many years who developed this incredible system based on case work to empower women.
During our class, Kathleen included these techniques for the pelvic floor by incorporating visualization to help with building the core from the INSIDE out.
This resonated with me – I have clients and colleagues who’s docs recommended pelvic mesh surgery, another had leaking issues and was a young mom, another was using a contraceptive device to hold up her uterus from dropping — all real stuff happening! And KEGELs dont work!
BTW – men can benefit too!
However there seems to be a lot of privacy (shame?) related to these health concerns for women, and I find that this reason alone is a HUGE roadblock for Women who need this! (Young teens are experiencing these issues too!)
The good news is there is a COMPLEMENTARY modality that can work without surgery or medication!
On a personal note, I had been going to rehab for 6 weeks for my shoulder pain and was having ‘some’ improvement with pain and mobility. I shared my story with Kathleen and asked her advice. She gave me a visualization technique that completely blew my mind and changed my whole perception of my posture – and my pain went away!
Long story short I incorporated her pelvic floor techniques, went to a workshop she gave to Pilates instructors (so they could help their clients) and got her DVD. My work schedule has been crazy and I haven’t gotten to our Scripps exercise classes since December.
I’ve changed my work out routine drastically and use Kathleen’s techniques in the privacy of my own home and take it on the road with me as well!
Her techniques are WORKING for me 🙂
With appreciation and gratitude,
Marcie Hintz – MBA | CJFA | HTPA
Therapeutic SelfCare ~ Wellness Education
Wellness Champion- Scripps Hospital
FASTeam Data Entry Coordinator – MBA| JAT| HTPA


from Carrie M, Medford, OR

I am standing stronger every day, thanks to my Pelvic Floor Specialist, Kathleen Pagnini, who has helped piece me back together, layer after layer, from my insides out.

A botched hysterectomy, new endometriosis, a displaced hip joint, and an AS disease diagnosis left me pretty depressed and Kathleen has helped me find my inner strength physically, but the by-product is that I am stronger emotionally, as well. I keep the core of my life, family, priorities, and body much better in balance and I stop to “listen to the angels” a little more often. Mind, Body, Spirit alignment is not what I thought I was purchasing, but in the end, it is what I have received.

Every day is a little brighter, because I am learning to lean on my “Inner Core”. After 20 sessions, I feel hopeful and more whole.

from Lynn Reordon, Physical Therapist in Jacksonville, OR

I have to tell you how much I have appreciated working with you Kahtleen. The things yoiu have taught me I had put into practice with such success personally and with patients. I thank the Lord for you and how He has used you to help me and my patients.

from Mary Gorman, Physical Therapist, Talent OR

I am inspired by how the work increases body awareness & improves core facilitation. Kathleen’s enthusiasm is contagious and I am excited about her work as a vehicle to helping many who suffer from incontinence and chronic pain.

from Kelly Martin, Physical Therapist, OR

I have benefitted tremendously by working with Kathleen. Being hypermobile (too much flexibility) and active, I have had dozens of injuries, some very serious, and intermittent joint pain since 5th grade. Being a physical therapist, I was able to rehab myself to a great extent.

But at age 48, I was having increased incontinence (despite never having children) which was distressing. My hip has arthritis and a cartilage tear and I have an unstable vertebra in my low back which was making walking painful. After my inner unit shut down almost 5 years ago (when I had tremendous spasms and disability from my L5 vertebra shifting forward 11mm), I learned to function again using my large, powerful muscles which worked…sort of. I was holding myself so tightly to keep things together that I was continually inhibiting my deep core and exhausting myself.

Reversing that pattern has been huge. I can stand, walk and bend with much more safety/confidence and my incontinence is gone. My suspicion is that I will be able to thrive for the next 40-50 years without needing a hip replacement or spinal fusion surgery. I cannot adequately express the positive impact this work has had on my body and my long term prognosis.

from Susan Preslar, MS, FNP-C, Female Sexual Health Specialist

Kathleen, it worked so well, thank you for your part and the passion and expertise and humor you bring. Setting up that room to be feminine, only got more and more feminine as the day went on. I wanted to stay and play vs go and teach. Lovely job. You and the other presenters for the sexuality workshop, helped them relate to their sexuality in a positive and powerful way. Bravo! It worked. They walked into the Men’s room more centered, alive, empowered and palpably feminine…you could watch them letting go as the day went on. Very special and precious, thank you. Much appreciation for who you are and what you bring into the room!

from Donna Stefani

Since I started with Kathleen in June my whole life has been turned around! I have been sick for awhile, recovering from surgery, and not having done any exercise in 10 yrs. I was a mess. I have many physical disabilities that aren’t readily apparent. I walked funny due to flat feet and leg bones being out of place. I had a difference in leg length of ½ inch, which threw out me out of whack from my feet all the way to my neck. I woke with pain every day. I have a knee that need replaced, a hump on my upper back from scoliosis and kyphosis..

But then I met Kathleen and today I can walk straight, climb stairs, my back pain is 80% improved! I will probably no longer need a knee replacement. I can hold my head up high with a (mostly) straight back. Oh yeah, I no longer pee my pants!!! I am strong, stable, and I’m getting my stamina back. Ladies, you really need to try this!

from Margie

I just want you to know that I really appreciate all that you have been teaching me and that I believe in you! My body has made so many changes in the last 6 months that probably most people can’t notice or see, but I FEEL the difference. I am so glad that I found you!

from Bethany King, OR

Well, I went to my first Nia class in 4 1/2 months and was I laying eggs all over the place! Yes, and I was working my parasal as well. I’m coming back to Nia with a new attitude and a new and focus. NO Clenching my muscles! I had such a wonderful time. If I started to feel myself going to the outer (coat) muscles, I just stopped and laid an egg. (I think I laid over 4 dozen!) I am very excited in bringing the Inner Core work you have been teaching me into my Nia practice. I am going to change old patterns.

Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful practice into the Rogue Valley. It was amazing feeling my body kick into gear, and my brain! I’m excited!

from Blanche Douma

Okay – I am a raw Beginner with Kathleen’s Inner Fitness, because I only just learned about it a few weeks ago when I read an article about her program in our local newspaper. I saved the article but it took a few days before I contacted her – by then the class I wanted was filled, so I took one 3 weeks out. The visualizations sounded weird, but just looking at Kathleen was inspirational, so I hung in there and finished the short class, and signed up for Level 2.

It took me a few days to get back to the handout and read it. I had visited her website after reading the news article, but now went back and read through a lot more text, to get a better ‘handle’ on all of this – and also performed one of the exercises shown. So now I know I need to get “Pilates and Chocolate” to read before the Level 2 class.

My stomach looks like I’m pregnant; my butt is saggy, and I have urinary stress incontinence – all of which I want to fix ! I posted Kathleen’s website on my Facebook page, telling others that this is the most important discovery I’ve made to date (I’m 63). I’m determined to do my best, as I want the benefits from Kathleen’s program!

from Debra in Carlsbad, CA

Kathleen has been my Pilates personal trainer for 3 years! The fact that I am still with her weekly, for 3 years, attests to her outstanding approach to fitness and personal training. I’ve done a lot of working out, taken numerous classes, with numerous teachers, and Kathleen is the only one who I proudly say not only changed my body, but has contributed so much to my life. She is like no other “trainer”, in that she gets to the “core” of how and what makes us move and how to make us feel better. She is expert at what she does, and meets each of her clients/students where they are —- It’s a fabulous journey, getting from “there” to “here”, and I look forward to continuing moving forward with Kathleen. Thank you, Kathleen, for everything you’ve done for me.

from Bernadette R., San Diego

“I haven’t worn a two piece bathing suit since my son was born. I just didn’t like the way my tummy looked after childbirth. Now, for the first time in 15 years, after working out with Kathleen a short time, I am now able to wear a bikini…and I’m 50!”

from Sophia D., San Diego

I began working with Kathleen a little over 6 months ago (?) when I was suffering from a knee injury and also really wanted to get back into shape. My chiropractor and several yoga instructors had mentioned that my body was out of balance and that one leg was longer than the other. After working with Kathleen I realize that I had been compensating for my weak knee for such a long time that I had thrown my body out of alignment trying to protect it. Go figure!

Additionally, having been born with several serious allergies, I have been sneezing my way through life. As the years progressed, these sneezes started causing embarrassing leaking issues. Kathleen has helped me get in touch with my pelvic floor and surprisingly, the unexpected sneezy leaks have stopped completely.

Having never been athletically inclined. I am now in touch with muscles I never knew existed and other parts of my body including my pelvic floor. Kathleen is fun and keeps me motivated and inspired.

So, after years of struggling with leaking and knee issues, Kathleen has helped me feel energized, in control of my leaking and much more aware of my body. As a bonus, my knee is rarely uncomfortable or in pain. I am also certain that before long, my spine will be in complete and perfect alignment. Yay!

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