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  • Back pain relief
  • Bladder control
  • Better posture
  • Hourglass shape
  • Lifestyle management
  • Menopause

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What IS ‘Inner Core ‘corset’ fitness?

A Revolutionary program that uses neuromuscular retraining (imagery and visualization techniques) coupled with anatomy awareness, that will trigger this involuntary activation of your inner core SET.    It includes, the diaphragm at the top, innermost and strongest pelvic floor layer at the bottom, thoracolumbar fascia on the sides and back and the transversus muscles in the front.  This ‘inner’ unit, which resembles a ‘capsule’ compresses your guts and internal organs around your spine ‘packing it’ and securing it prior to peripheral movement.  This happens with your ‘intention’ to move.

NOTE: Unless this very important pre-activation happens, you are at risk for hormonal and muscle imbalances, depression, soft belly and back fat, sexual disinterest and function, uneven weight distribution, moodiness, osteoporosis, thick thighs and ankles, flat butt and more!

All private training sessions include Movement Mapping™ (Proprioceptive Training)

What is Movement Mapping™?

A neurologic based program for daily movement efficiency. The goal of Movement Mapping is to develop anatomy awareness, and experience a better more efficient way to move by updating your brain map. A poor map can cause a lot of tension and strain due to compensatory movements developed from an injury or watching someone else move incorrectly. Movement Mapping ™ updates the brains map of where the joints are creating automatic efficiency of movement. How is this done? We give the brain the best information by moving the joint without including the muscles. Imagery and self awareness exercises.


Also Available:

Skype Virtual Training


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