My Interview with the Chicago Bulls that never happened..YET Changed My Life Forever!

You can want one thing your whole life.. and by the mere journey of ‘seek and you shall find’ your life dream course suddently changes.

The more you investigate how to aquire your dream, a bigger better dream shows itself.

No longer does the old dream have significance, and you realize it was only the launching pad for a bigger and better dream to come!

My dream was to be a Core Trainer for the Chicago Bulls Basketball Team. Which was by the way…. one of my many dreams that would come true.

I got the call. I was to interview with the Vice President of Operations and the General Manager. They wanted to talk to me about ‘core training methods’.

In the process of the interview preparation…I consulted with my mentor, parnter and friend. Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, OBGYN/Scientist/Genetecist/Author and Coach. Founder of BrainChanging LLC, and Family Health Coaching Centers in Ireland and Chicago).

When I arrived to her house in Chicago, she told me things that were ‘contrary’ to all the ways I used to train the core! For instance, she told me that most athletes train the ‘wrapping’ of the core’.

They don’t even train the TRUE core, quite frankly, I couldn’t go on the interview at this point. What was this? Why haven’t I heard of this before? How could I possibly tell them that they have another whole core that is the most important, and they don’t even know yet?

Elite athletes have a great ‘inner core’. They rarely get injured, and when they do, it doesn’t keep them down for long. They are smooth movers. Like Michael Jordan.



You like to watch them move. They have agility, grace and excellent visual skills due to a strong and responsive inner core. They are naturals.

Most would love to have access to this ‘Eliteness’ as they would EEK out in power with less injury and down time. And thats HUGE!

So, the more I learned about the true core, the ‘inner core’ and how it works with the brain and the outer core, the more I realized no one was really talking about this.

I certainly have never heard of it before, and I am a ‘seasoned‘ Fitness and Pilates Trainer.

Since learning of the ‘inner core’ and the important role it plays in our lives, I was curious to see who knew.

So I spoke to MD’s, OBGYN’s, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, and more.. and no one really knew anything about the ‘inner core’.


After a teaching them briefly about this ‘inner core’ system, Medical Professionals are now starting to integrate these new awareness techniques into their prospective Practice.

They realize, this IS the missing piece in true core training and preventitive health!

This IS the ‘future’ of training and rehabilitation.

Why? Not only because its the missing link of core training and rehab, but it is the precurser of all movement. We NOW know that working out hard has adverse effects and doesn’t make you healthier. Trust me. I was one of those workout maniacs.

Now, I work smarter not harder!

When finding out that the inner core is responsible for so much more than protecting your spine and promoting injury free movement. I was even more BLOWN AWAY!

flat tummyA flatter tummy? Less back pain? Perky body parts? Better Sex? AND LESS LEAKING!

Yes, ALL OF THE ABOVE.. except, no one wants to talk about ‘leaking’ either, I am talking about leaking urine… and other substances that should never escape without your permission!

Sure this core training program for women, could also help the Chicago Bulls EEK out their Power, avoid injury and play a better game. I would LOVE to train the Bulls.. But I must help the ladies first!!

I must help them understand how the brain and body work together, do avoid these embarrasing accidents that keep you from living a life of JOY!

womenWhen women are JOYFUL…they effect everyone in their circle for happier relationships all around!

To Live More, Laugh More, and Love More… without the worry of Wetness!

Remember..Your Brain is the Boss of Thee. It tells you when, where, and even how much to pee!.


As I walk thru the door i call it latch key pee
quickly I call out… ‘I AM THE BOSS OF THEE’

There goes my chatty bladder as it trys to win once more,  it happens when I turn on the faucet after walking thru the door

I call this ‘water wee’ ..and it will never have control
when I turn on the faucet or hear water ‘flow.

“What are you talkin about? says the bladder to my brain “I am uncomfortable right NOW and I will ‘INDEED’cause you PAIN!”

“No you won’t silly urine ‘catcher’ Today you will listen to me, for I will tell you when, where and even how much to pee

I will call in Mr Reed or have you unlay an egg, you WILL cooperate with me and I won’t need to beg

If i don’t take control of you now, WILL cause me grief and strife
you will lower my resistence, and give me back pain for life!

so Here Ye, Here Ye, today I shall be King
King of my muscles bones and organs and Queen of ‘less leaking’ 

Kathleen Pagnini

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