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Level One Workshops

Limited to 10 participants

June 6,  2015 CALL TO RSVP 541-622-4616
Pagnini Pilates
Southern Oregon Chiropractic Rehabilitation
537 Murphy Rd. Ste B
Medford, OR 97504



Inner Core/Pelvic Floor small group class

Tuesday and Thursdays at 10am and 11am $20
Southern Oregon Chiropractic Rehab
537 Murphy Rd. Ste B
Medford, OR
(please bring a mat ) Limited to 5 per class.








flatter low tummy. more balance. increased bladder control. better sex.

HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED ‘inner core/pelvic floor’ retraining?

If you have a low belly pooch or saggy body parts
If you leak urine when you jump, laugh or sneeze, (by the way its very common but NOT normal)
If you have back, knee or joint pain
If you have digestion issues, spinal deviations, osteoarthritis and hemorrhoids
If you have flat feet or bunions
If you have pelvis, groin or hamstring pain
If you pee more than once every 4 hours and if you have to get up at night to pee
If you have decreased sexuality or depression and just not feeling well

 This Trademarked proven system retrains and strengthens the inner core and pelvic floor for a flatter low tummy, increased bladder control and more!  

Other benefits include:
Less back, knee and joint pain

What women are saying..

Great to learn proper use of body’ ‘love the 3 pelvic floors layers’ ‘terrific, best info I have heard in a long time’ ‘Very important and upfront information’ ‘ wish I would have known this years ago’ ‘ new, informative information, accessibility easy to comprehend’ ‘ I wanted more’  very positive experience”

Since I started with Kathleen in June my whole life has been turned around! I have been sick for awhile, recovering from surgery, and not having done any exercise in 10 yrs. I was a mess. I have many physical disabilities that aren’t readily apparent. I walked funny due to flat feet and leg bones being out of place. I had a difference in leg length of ½ inch, which threw out me out of wack from my feet all the way to my neck. I woke with pain every day. I have a knee that need replaced, a hump on my upper back from scoliosis and kyphosis.. But then I met Kathleen and today I can walk straight, climb stairs, my back pain is 80% improved! I will probably no longer need a knee replacement. I can hold my head up high with a (mostly) straight back. Oh yeah, I no longer pee my pants!!! I am strong, stable, and I’m getting my stamina back. Ladies, you really need to try… Donna Stefani 12/2014


“I am standing stronger every day, thanks to my Pelvic Floor Specialist, Kathleen Pagnini, who has helped piece me back together, layer after layer, from my insides out. A botched hysterectomy, new endometriosis, a displaced hip joint, and AS disease diagnosis left me pretty depressed and Kathleen has helped me find my inner strength physically, but the bi-product is that I am stronger emotionally, as well. I keep the core of my life, family, priorities, and body much better in balance and I stop to “listen to the angels” a little more often. Mind, Body, Spirit alignment is not what I thought I was purchasing, but in the end, it is what I have received. Every day is a little brighter, because I am learning to lean on my “Inner Core”. After 20 sessions, I feel hopeful and more whole.” 
Carrie, M. Medford, OR

(A husbands testimonial)Kathleen,I feel that I need to write and share with you a man’s perspective regarding your pelvic floor workshops. I am 59, and my wife has been attending your workshops for the last year. Although it is almost embarrassing to share this, but our love life has dramatically improved with her results from your workshops. Without being too graphic, my wife is much tighter and this has translated into a much improved sexual experience for both of us.I am thrilled with the results of your workshops.Chuck C.







What is the included in the workshop

  • Introduction and understanding of this cutting edge therapy for the core and pelvic floor
  • Anatomy Awareness (vs.) Anatomy Knowledge
  • Why Kegels don’t cut it
  • Imagery exercises for perfect practice
  • Take home exercises


What is included in the 4 week course?

  • Anatomy Awareness (vs. Anatomy Knowledge)
  • Core Concepts — There is no core without the floor
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Why Kegels Don’t Cut It
  • Sole Support… Feet as shock absorbers
  • Stress Incontinence is Stressful… Urge Incontinence is Urgent
  • Home Exercise Schedule







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