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 August/September 2014

Level One Workshops

September 20, 2014 10am-12noon & 1pm-3pm
‘Mind over tummy’ ‘ Do Yoga & Pilates Better’
Bend Pilates
Bend, OR  $40 or $70 for both


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October 6, 2014 10am-12:noon
‘There’s No Core without the Floor’
Southern Oregon Practice Management
537 Murphy Road Ste B
Medford, OR
(Incontinence, Back Pain, Poochy low tummy)

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RSVP 541-622-4616


The Movement Studio
Physical Therapy
309 S. Pacific Hwy.
Talent OR
Mon & Wed. Inner Core Fitness (Pelvic Floor) 12:15 -1pm $25 for Rehab & Chronic Pain  (Level One)

Southern Oregon Practice Management
537 Murphy Road Ste B
Medford, OR
Tuesday 12:00noon Yoga
Thursdays 12noon Pilates
Thursdays 530pm Yoga

Private Residential Studio Cottage Classes near Rogue Valley Country Club in Medford available.





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flatter low tummy. more balance. increased bladder control. better sex.

HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED ‘inner core/pelvic floor’ retraining?

If you have a low belly pooch or saggy body parts
If you leak urine when you jump, laugh or sneeze, (by the way its very common but NOT normal)
If you have back, knee or joint pain
If you have digestion issues, spinal deviations, osteoarthritis and hemorrhoids
If you have flat feet or bunions
If you have pelvis, groin or hamstring pain
If you pee more than once every 4 hours and if you have to get up at night to pee
If you have decreased sexuality or depression and just not feeling well

 This Trademarked proven system retrains and strengthens the inner core and pelvic floor for a flatter low tummy, increased bladder control and more!  

Other benefits include:
Less back, knee and joint pain

What women are saying..

Great to learn proper use of body’ ‘love the 3 pelvic floors layers’ ‘terrific, best info I have heard in a long time’ ‘Very important and upfront information’ ‘ wish I would have known this years ago’ ‘ new, informative information, accessibility easy to comprehend’ ‘ I wanted more’  very positive experience”


“I must admit I was a sceptic, but continued the visualization.. after running in the door yesterday from grocery shopping, I was running to the bathroom and I remembered the ‘parasol’, so I slowed my pace and calmed myself trying with the visualization. It actually worked!! I didn’t even go to the bathroom until later.
Today, I turned on the shower and normally I need to have an empty bladder to do that or it gets ugly and I just thought about the parasol and it was all good! I blew my nose without going to the bathroom first too!!
I will try and continue to remember to calm my bladder with the imagery I learned! ”  Thank you Kathleen!
(A husbands testimonial)Kathleen,I feel that I need to write and share with you a man’s perspective regarding your pelvic floor workshops. I am 59, and my wife has been attending your workshops for the last year. Although it is almost embarrassing to share this, but our love life has dramatically improved with her results from your workshops. Without being too graphic, my wife is much tighter and this has translated into a much improved sexual experience for both of us.I am thrilled with the results of your workshops.Chuck C.



TO PREPAY WITH CREDIT CARD GO TO: – enter email address:
To send check, please email or call kathleen for address.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014 530pm-7pm  
Where: Pilates Plus San Diego
1940 Fifth St.  Suite 301
San Diego, CA 
$35 prepay – $45 at the door. 

 Saturday, April 12,  2014 12noon-2pm 
7220 Avenida Encinas (upstairs)
Carlsbad, CA
$30 PREPAY – $40 at the door.  To send check, Please email or call for address. 

Sunday, April 27th, 11:00am-12:30pm
Where:  Aly’s Pilates
7448 Girard Ave
La Jolla, Ca.
$35 prepay

Where: Jacksonville Library, Jacksonville OR
 Saturday, January 25th, 2014 10-1130am   SOLD OUT!

Saturday, January 25th, 2014 1pm-2:30pm SOLD OUT!

 Saturday February 1st, 2014  10- 11:30 SOLD OUT!

Saturday February 1st, 2014 12:30 pm – 2:00pm SOLD OUT!

Saturday, February 15th, 2014 10-1130am   SOLD OUT!

 Saturday February 15TH, 2014 1pm -230pm SOLD OUT!

PLEASE CALL 541-622-4616 prior to sending payment to make sure there is space.

Cost:    $20 for one person – prepay  $30 at door (to use credit card for prepay go to and enter the email address:

(Bring a mat)

 Workshops and Classes


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What is the included in the workshop

  • Introduction and understanding of this cutting edge therapy for the core and pelvic floor
  • Anatomy Awareness (vs.) Anatomy Knowledge
  • Why Kegels don’t cut it
  • Imagery exercises for perfect practice
  • Take home exercises


What is included in the 4 week course?

  • Anatomy Awareness (vs. Anatomy Knowledge)
  • Core Concepts — There is no core without the floor
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Why Kegels Don’t Cut It
  • Sole Support… Feet as shock absorbers
  • Stress Incontinence is Stressful… Urge Incontinence is Urgent
  • Home Exercise Schedule


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Call 858-829-1669 to RSVP  

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NPMlyingdown Workshops and Classes



NopauseclassMMleg Workshops and Classes


Total Women Gym and Day Spa

To register call : 760-753-6733

No Pause Menopause Single Sheet 463x600 Workshops and Classes



La Jolla Community Center

LJCC4 Workshops and Classes

Pacific Sports Resort

Flat Tummy1 Workshops and Classes
Ladies Night Out

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