I am standing stronger every day, thanks to my Pelvic Floor Specialist, Kathleen Pagnini, who has helped piece me back together, layer after layer, from my insides out….

Available SOON!

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Here’s what you can expect…

Flat Tummy

Perky Bum

Super Sex – Strengthen all 3 layers of the Pelvic Floor

Less Leaking – Improve Bladder Control


Train the WHOLE pelvic floor

Traditional programs focus only on kegels which is only the outer pelvic floor muscle!

The ‘floor of the core’ is the Pelvic Floor. There are 3 layers, each with a specific and synchronistic function.  It starts with strengthening the innermost layer which is the strongest and most supportive and that brings the outer kegel/ layers along for the ride.    There is an ‘order’ of activation from inside to outside that is crucial for optimal health.

The innermost layer of the pelvic floor is the strongest, it’s responsible for the upward expansion of your spine and keeps your organs elevated for optimal function. The outer kegel and sphincter layers reinforce.



Most people do not know they need help with their pelvic floor until noticeable outcomes surface; including protruding lower abs, incontinence, falling organs, hernias, constipation, back pain and decreased sexuality.

For years people have been focused on building (outer core) Kegel muscle strength; but they have been ignoring the most important part of the pelvic floor. The innermost and most supportive layer.

The Lavator Ani.






“Kate, finally I can thank you for the little “antipasto” of Pelvic Floor you shared with me and my sister Nives last autumn when you came to visit us in our beautiful Tuscany.

I have been thinking about this for a long time.  

Then when you came to visit and taught Nives and I about the “inner core”  on the lawn in her garden, it opened up a whole new world!

Please try to organize a Pelvic Floor Workshop soon at Cristina’s B&B in Tuscany.  It would be great!

Time to make plans for your next visit, so that we can get real serious about the Inner core and the Pelvic Floor !

Ciao bellissima donna! Ci vediamo presto!”

See you soon!
Daniella, Italy

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