Are you depressed or tired all the time?

Do you have soft belly and back fat?

 Have you been ‘active’ but feeling betrayed by your body?

Tired of ‘feeling’ like you have to compete with the 30yr olds?

and last but not least..do you feel this way…Sex?  Ho hum…no thanks!



There IS an answer to an attractive body, nice skin and a healthy body WITHOUT

  Pills, Pads, Surgery, Crunches, Kegels or ‘working out’ like a Maniac Zombie for our menopausal years.


“There’s No Pause for Menopause (™)”.

Learn how to master your shape, your hormones, and your life, naturally, for a more Youthful and Vibrant YOU!

Available SOON!

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Here’s what you can expect…

Flat Tummy

Perky Bum

Super Sex 

Less Leaking – Improve Bladder Control


Train the WHOLE core and pelvic floor

Most people focus only on the outer core, abs back, kegels.. there is a whole other ‘core’ inside that not only stabilizes your spine, but regulates your hormones and activates your self healing mechanisms by putting your guts and organs back up into their proper place.

Inner core fitness focuses on the inner ‘core set’ group of muscles that surround, stabilize and protect your spine prior to movement.

This group of muscles ‘fire’ all at once (involuntarily) in preparation to move.   This includes the innermost and strongest layer of the 3 pelvic floor muscles.   There is an ‘order’ of activation from the core-set to the coat. (the involuntary action of your inner core to voluntary action of your outer core).  TRAIN YOUR WHOLE CORE for a lifetime of Youthfulness and Vitality without the worry of ‘leaking’.


“Kate, finally I can thank you for the little “antipasto” of Pelvic Floor you shared with me and my sister Nives last autumn when you came to visit us in our beautiful Tuscany.

I have been thinking about this for a long time.  

Then when you came to visit and taught Nives and I about the “inner core”  on the lawn in her garden, it opened up a whole new world!

Please try to organize a Pelvic Floor Workshop soon at Cristina’s B&B in Tuscany.  It would be great!

Time to make plans for your next visit, so that we can get real serious about the Inner core and the Pelvic Floor !

Ciao bellissima donna! Ci vediamo presto!”

See you soon!
Daniella, Italy

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